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It is a similar condition, only the action has different strength. The weakest is an incantation, the curse is stronger, and the strongest is an enchantment. The attacked person, unless they have magical protections or are trained in magic, will find it difficult to resist such an attack. What it actually is and how the practices differ from each other:

INCANTATION - usually not done intentionally. This is a person who holds a deep resentment towards you and cannot keep their emotions in check. However, she does not express it verbally, but mentally when she meets you. You can tell by the angry and piercing look, which makes you feel sick for a moment. What happens then? The hateful person has drained your energy and their evil energy will stuck to your aura and chakras. After that it will block the reception of healthy energy and the attacked person feels inefficient, malaise and feels almost like ill, despite the fact that the doctors can't find anything.

CURSE - is already done deliberately, but unplanned, usually in affect. Here it is a verbal assault that is written into the energy of the aura down to the soul level and if its not removed, it is carried over into other lives as well. The curse appears in the area which was determined by the cursing person. It is recognized by the fact that in one of the life areas the person is still not doing well. It seems like the same or very similar situation keeps repeating itself. It cannot be changed, no matter how hard you try, until the curse is removed.

ENCHANTMENT - is a deliberate act that is prepared in advance with the aim of harming the other person. It usually expresses itself in the psychic sphere with unjustified fear, depression, and other psychological disorders that are very difficult to treat with conventional medicine. Removing the enchantment is difficult and a large magical ceremony must be performed to really undo it.

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Nowadays there are many people affected in this way. Yes, it sounds like out of this world, but unfortunately it is the reality. The transition into the age of Aquarius also contributes to this. First of all, because some secret information is being released, information which was previously closely guarded is now available. But this is causing many irresponsible people to play with magic and harm those around them.

HOW DO YOU DETERMINE MAGICAL AFFLICTION? To find out if you have a magical affliction, send us a photo of yourself or print out our interpretation cards here and email us for an online interpretation. Instead of printed cards, you can write the names of the cards on a piece of paper. Once you have your interpretation cards ready, lay out 3 cards for each question: are you afflicted?; are you cursed?; are you enchanted?; do you have a soul attached?; do you have a larvae?; do you have a phantom?; is an energy vampire affecting you?; are negative zones affecting you? (Example: Are you afflicted? - a Mass, a unicorn, a wedding) You can shuffle the cards after each question. It doesn't matter which hand you use to pick the cards. Write them in the order you draw them. Send this interpretation to us by email:

It is also possible to remove a magical affliction remotely (from a photo or name and date of birth). After the removal, a check-up will follow for possible further cleaning of the magical affliction (it is already included in the price). THE CLIENT WHO PAYS FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE MAGICAL AFFLICTION - E.G. THE REMOVAL OF THE CURSE - HAS PAID FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE CURSE FOREVER! IF IN A YEAR, TWO, THREE - HE WILL BE CURSED AGAIN BY SOMEONE ELSE, WE WILL REMOVE IT FOR FREE!

Clients who have magical afflictions removed also have protective inscriptions made in their aura (e.g. in the area of relationships, finances or health). This is because magical afflictions will disrupt your aura and other magical afflictions of a different kind may come through to you, by having a magical affliction removed your aura will be completely closed. You can also have a magical affliction from a past life, and if you do not remove it, it will go with you into your next reincarnation.

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  • Removing an Incantation

    usually not done intentionally. This is a person who holds a deep...

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  • Removing the Curse

    CURSE - is already done deliberately, but unplanned, usually in...

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  • Removing Enchantment

    ENCHANTMENT - is a deliberate act that is prepared in advance with...

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  • Removing an Attached Soul

    The most common symptoms of an attached soul: fatigue, a person is...

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  • Removing the Larvae

    they arise as a result of strong psychic disturbance at some level...

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  • Phantom Removal

    FANTOM - resurrected forms of the dead. The imagination and memory...

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  • Removing an energy vampire

    ENERGETIC VAMPIRE - probably everyone has already encountered an...

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  • Negative zone removal

    NEGATIVE ZONES: are psychosomatic or geopathic.

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